About Us

Introducing ourselves


At Moonlit Design, it’s our passion to provide high quality graphic design solutions. We work internationally as a group of freelance designers who are ready to tackle any project – big or small – and turn it into something creative, memorable, and beautiful. With the right people on board and the right tools in place, your projects will come to life in a way that will make them more successful overall. We guarantee the highest quality of service, with a quick turnaround time, and affordable pricing for every client.


Because we work around the world, we each gain inspiration from different things, but ultimately, it comes from within. Design creates the culture, soul, and identity of your business, and it’s our goal to provide you with a design that really makes people stand back and say, “Wow!”


At Moonlit Design, we aim to boost your success and help you stand out from the rest by combining a simple approach, and positive outlook toward some of the most amazing, meaningful compositions. In simple terms: “To make a meal in a box taste better, I decided to tweak the logo, rather than the ingredients.” – Jarod Kintz


Thank you for allowing our ‘dream team’ of designers help your vision become reality.


Dream Team


With over ten years of hands-on experience in the design industry, we pride ourselves on having both the creative knowledge and the right skills and tools to create the best possible project solutions. We listen to the needs of each and every client, and pay strict attention to detail.

Every design is 100% original – we don’t use templates, and we don’t double up on designs for different clients. Instead, we do our research, and create innovative, bespoke designs with an individual approach for each client. All of our work is customized to match every client’s unique requirements.

We love what we do, and we hope it shows! In turn, we want to make sure everyone we work with loves what we provide them with – so, we strive to offer nothing less than high-quality, professional services to cover all your ideas and needs.

Our Client